Application Generator

Given some information, this tool automatically generates the server side files needed to set up your application including the html page, cgi script and dictionary file, and bundles them into a zip file for you, along with a help file explaining how to get set up.

Application Name:

The full, human readable name of your application, ex: 'My Super Awesome Cool App'

Executable Name:

The name of your executable file, ex: 'my_app'


The greeting message that will be spoken to the user when they first load the application.

JSGF File:

Here you can upload your JSGF grammar, and the tool will process it for you and add it to the zip file. If you leave this field blank a default JSGF will be included in the generated zip.

WARNING: If you create your grammar latter, or modify it (introduce new vocabulary), you MUST run your the modified JSGF again through the dictionary delta generator (link), and replace the .dict file in your application. Otherwise your application may crash!